Meet the Doctors

Dr. Arthur Hamparian & Dr. Robert Saracino

Dr. Arthur Hamparian and Dr. Robert Saracino are principles of the Oakwood Dental, P.C. This is a practice where both basic and comprehensive dentistry are available to everyone. Their aim is prevention and maintenance, and they provide prompt emergency care. As active members of Beumont-Dearborn Hospital medical staff, Drs. Hamparian and Saracino frequently provide dental consultations and emergency dental services to in-patients and out-patients, at the request of the attending physicians. Team members also provide on-site services at the Henry Ford Village Senior Residence facility.

Dr. Hamparian and Dr. Saracino are established leaders in the areas of family dentistry, hospital dentistry, geriatrics, and special needs patients. Family dentistry is the foundation of their practice.

Dr. Hamparian got his start in special care dentistry as a V.A. hospital resident. His first dental job was at Fort Custer State Hospital. He then decided that people with special needs would be part of his overall practice. He and his longtime partner, Dr. Henry Milczuk (now deceased), and classmate, Robert Saracino, became committed to the cause. Early on, Dr. Hamparian created this slogan for his brochures:  “A Healthy Mouth is the Gateway to a Healthy Body.”  Both dentists are active members in the ADA, MDA, and Detroit District Dental Society. Dr. Hamparian has taught head and neck gross anatomy to freshmen medical students at Wayne State University and the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). The American Board of Special Care Dentistry has certified Dr. Hamparian as a diplomate with proficiency in hospital dentistry. Dr. Saracino, meanwhile, has his own Top Dentist practice in Berkley.