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Dentist Dearborn, MI - Oakwood Dental

The owners of Oakwood Dental Center provide dental consultations and emergency dental services to in-patients and out-patients at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn. They are established leaders in the areas of family dentistry, hospital dentistry, geriatrics, and special needs patients. 

Although it’s common knowledge today that many health problems stem from not taking care of your oral health, when Dr. Hamparian first said: “A healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthy body” 38 years ago, that fact wasn’t yet recognized by many professionals.

Dr. Hamparian has taught head and neck anatomy at WSU and the U of M medical schools, and the UDM Dental School. The American Board of Special Care Dentistry has certified Dr. Hamparian as a diplomate with proficiency in hospital dentistry. Dr. Saracino, meanwhile, has his own Top Dentist practice in Berkley. 

Both are graduates of U of D Dental School and active medical staff members (ENT/Dentistry) of Beaumont-Dearborn. Dr. Hamparian has a graduate degree in anatomy (MS) from WSU.

Our Practice Philosophy

Regular oral hygiene care and good preventative dentistry under the guidance and care of skilled professionals make it, in our belief, possible for most people to retain their natural teeth throughout their lifetimes.  Prevention and treatment of dental disease and other dental related problems and the restoration of the mouth to good health and function is a team effort and the Patient is perhaps the most important part of the team.